Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More OD videos - Cops, reentry, and Spanish OD training!

It seems like there are a bunch of good overdose advocacy and training videos coming out these days. 

Here's a new video from the San Francisco Police Department and Department of Public Health instructing police not to interfere with syringe access sites or naloxone distribution. (Nice narration Emalie Huriaux!)

And here's a new Spanish-language video from Boston about how to recognize overdose and respond properly. The video highlights the fact that those just released from prison or other lock-up facilities are at higher risk of OD, especially in those first two weeks.

And while we're at it, we realized that OPA didn't mention the great video, "Staying Alive on the Outside" from our friends in Rhode Island that came out a few months back. It's and English-language video that focuses on OD risk and response after prison release. 

We hope you find these useful in your work!

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