Sunday, June 23, 2013

Preview Cut Now Available: "Reach for Me: Fighting to End the American Drug Overdose Epidemic"

Late last year we posted about seeking people to interview for a short documentary film about access to naloxone in the United States. The results are now available in a preview (aka not-quite-final-but-almost) cut of Reach for Me: Fighting to End the American Drug Overdose Epidemic.  Please have a look and tell us what you think! 

The film explores the interconnected issues of naloxone pricing and production shortages, public funding support (or more often lack thereof), and other factors affecting access to overdose prevention tools. It features interviews with leading experts and advocates from around the country, including California, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, DC, and Wisconsin. 

The point, for us, is to use Reach for Me as a platform for building awareness, understanding, and support for overdose prevention programs. To that end, over the next couple weeks we'll be rolling out the final version of the film, a short (c. 3 minute) version, along with a website and Facebook and Twitter pages. The film will be freely available on DVD (follow this link to request up to 20 copies) and online for streaming or download. We'll also be making available the full interviews with the nearly 30 people who participated. Stay tuned!
Elizabeth Owens of VOCAL New York
in a scene from Reach for Me

The film was directed by Greg Scott, and produced by Matt Curtis and Erin Scott, with an assist from Eliza Wheeler, and was produced under the aegis of Sawbuck Productions. We'd like to thank everyone involved, and especially the Open Society Foundations for their financial support and the Harm Reduction Coalition for allowing us to film during their excellent biennial conference. 

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