Monday, November 12, 2012

Coming to the Harm Reduction Conference? Help us Make a Movie About Naloxone Access

The biennial U.S. National Harm Reduction Conference takes place in Portland, Oregon this week, and a group of us have formed up to produce a short documentary film about how recent increases in the cost of naloxone and production shortages have impacted community-based overdose prevention projects. The film will be used in advocacy with the manufacturers and with local, state and federal agencies to improve access to naloxone. 

If you'll be in Portland and work on overdose prevention, we need your help.  Here's how DOPE Project's Eliza Wheeler describes it:

We are hoping to take advantage of so many of you being at the conference to collect video testimony about naloxone shortages and price increases and how they are affecting overdose prevention programs. 
The idea is to collect short (e.g. 2-3 min each) video interviews with people from around the county who either run naloxone distribution projects or who desire to do so, and whose work has been impacted by price & availability issues. Format would be roughly along the lines of the "I'm the Evidence" videos. If anyone is interested in participating and being interviewed about the impact this is having on your community, please let us know. The project is being organized by Matt Curtis, Fred Wright, Greg and Erin Scott and I and came about through conversations in the Naloxone Overdose Prevention and Education (NOPE) Working Group. The video will hopefully be a valuable tool for advocacy for expanded access to naloxone. 
Want to participate or get more information? Copy this flyer and give us a call in Portland!   

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