Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pubmed October 2011 Update

My PubMed search was missing a lot of good papers, so here goes with a broader approach pulling 8 interesting papers ...

Britton PC, Bohnert AS, Wines JD Jr, Conner KR.
Addict Behav. 2011 Sep 2.
*The intentionality of overdose is a recurrent issue. I read this article and frankly do not understand what the authors did.

Hedrich D, Alves P, Farrell M, Stöver H, Møller L, Mayet S.
Addiction. 2011 Sep 29. doi: 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2011.03676.x.
*Some data that agonist maintenance therapy in prison reduces post-release overdose mortality

Yokell MA, Green TC, Bowman S, McKenzie M, Rich JD.
Med Health R I. 2011 Aug;94(8):240-2.
*A review of programmatic data from the Rhode Island naloxone distribution program

Roxburgh A, Bruno R, Larance B, Burns L.
Med J Aust. 2011 Sep 5;195(5):280-4.
*Oxycodone is becoming an issue in Australia, although not nearly as substantial as in the U.S.

Weimer MB, Korthuis PT, Behonick GS, Wunsch MJ.
J Addict Med. 2011 Sep;5(3):188-202.
*Interesting data suggesting that two-thirds of methadone-related fatalities were from diverted drug (i.e. not prescribed to the person who died); 28% were prescribed methadone for analgesia. I can't access the full article, but regardless this suggests very few were agonist maintenance patients.

Webster LR, Cochella S, Dasgupta N, Fakata KL, Fine PG, Fishman SM, Grey T, Johnson EM, Lee LK, Passik SD, Peppin J, Porucznik CA, Ray A, Schnoll SH, Stieg RL, Wakeland W.
Pain Med. 2011 Jun;12 Suppl 2:S26-35.
*A review of structural and individual factors related to opioid overdose increases in the U.S.

Bennett AS, Bell A, Tomedi L, Hulsey EG, Kral AH.
J Urban Health. 2011 Jul 20.
*A very useful review of the PA naloxone distribution program, including the rate of survival among those administered naloxone.

Nielsen K, Nielsen SL, Siersma V, Rasmussen LS.
Resuscitation. 2011 Jun 15.
*These data from Denmark again demonstrate the increasing risk of mortality among those who have overdosed multiple times

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