Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Create Videos for “I’m the Evidence: Naloxone Works”

By Erin Russell

I am writing to follow up on the recent I’m the Evidence, Naloxone Works post. I’m the Evidence is a global overdose awareness campaign, which speaks about the life saving power of naloxone through video advocacy.  Please visit the website for the campaign if you have not already, and use these instructions to quickly and easily record and contribute your own videos!

My name is Erin Russell and I have been managing the campaign through the Harm Reduction Coalition in New York City.  Although I have not exhausted the stories available in New York, we want to obtain more stories from other parts of the state, country, and world.  This is why I would like to share how easy it is to make your own Evidence video!  It has never taken me more than ten minutes to record a story, typically 1-2 minutes long, and all I have is a simple flip camera that fits in my pocket.  Even cell phones record good quality video these days, and almost everyone has one!

Once you make one video you will realize how simple it is to send such a powerful message, and the campaign is very ready to accept more stories from its fans - stories from people who have saved the life of another person - strangers, friends, family members - and from people who themselves have been saved with naloxone.  Anyone who has experienced an overdose situation involving naloxone, as well as people with relevant perspectives such as policy makers, emergency medical services personnel, and harm reduction experts, are encouraged to participate.

Again, detailed instructions on how to create a video are available on the campaign Facebook page, or by clicking the “Make a Video” tab on the left side of the main Facebook page. All you have to do is record a story, email it to me at, and I will add it to the collection.  Your video may also be included in the advocacy materials presented at an upcoming meeting on overdose prevention with the World Health Organization in September!

To help inspire you to contribute, an example from New York is embedded below, which describes one man's experience reversing a friend’s overdose.Thank you for your support of I’m the Evidence and I can't wait to hear your story! 

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  1. Just last night I witnessed my friend overdose right before my eyes. This was the first case which I have seen with my own eyes someone dying due to an overdose. But my lack of education about the matter mixed with the sudden panic about what was happening caused me to make a few mistakes that might of saved my good friends life. I will have to live with this regret forever but I would at least like to try and help reach others so they don't make the same mistakes as I did. Any help on the reaching the public about this common problem would be such a big help. Thank you.